For sale-Squishy Snak Pak Set of 2 Snak Paks
Squishy Snak Pak N/A Set of 2 Snak Paks
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1359 Squishy Snak Pak N/A Set of 2 Snak Paks $10.00 For sale
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Squishy Snak Pak is a BPA FREE Reusable Food Pouch for kids on the go.

Use from baby purees or great to store childrens snacks for school lunch boxes and on the go.

Fill it from the large opening at the bottom and squish it out the top. Comes with choke proof lid.

The Paks are Freezer and Dishwasher safe. Great for freezing portioned baby purees.

Fill up each pak with up to a 1/2 cup of any creation (smoothies, yoghurt, custard, jelly).

Great for children with allergies to ensure you know what they are eating.

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